Duaa i poesi form av Imam Ali(A)

En av de vackraste åkallan(duaa) av Imam Ali(A) som är en favorit. En munajat av Imam Ali(A) som kallas för Munajat al-Mazooma. Hela duaan är i poetisk formad:

For You is all praise, O Possessor of Bounty, Glory and Eminence,

Glory be to You – You grant to whosoever You will, and withhold

O Allah! My Creator, my Fortress, and my Refuge!

To You I resort, in hardship and in ease, for relief

O Allah! Even if my mistakes have become grave and numerous

Then Your Forgiveness is far greater (than those sins), and limitless

O Allah! if I had given my soul all that it desired,

Then there I would be, lost in the land of regret!

O Allah! You see my position, my poverty and my destitution,

And You hear my softly whispered supplication,

O Allah! So sever not my hopes nor distract my heart (from You),

For I pine for the bounties of Your Generosity

O Allah! If You thwart me or chase me away,

Then who can I hope from, and who can I make intercede for me?

O Allah! Keep me from Your punishment, indeed I am

Captive, abased, fearful, and subservient to You.

O Allah! Let knowledge of the (ultimate) proofs accompany me

When my grave becomes my abode and home

O Allah! Even if You punish me for a thousand years,

My hopes in You will nonetheless never be severed

O Allah! Let me savour Your forgiveness on the day

When neither progeny nor wealth will be of any avail Continue reading

Dua ahl al-Thugor – [Swe sub]

Åkallan för dem som bevakar gränserna i dessa svåra tider, för våra förtryckta syskon i vårt sargade Ummah i alla jordens hörn, bekämpar tyranni och orättvisa och står emot de arroganta supermakterna, är det viktigt att vi minns dem och ber för dem i våra böner.