Duaa i poesi form av Imam Ali(A)

En av de vackraste åkallan(duaa) av Imam Ali(A) som är en favorit. En munajat av Imam Ali(A) som kallas för Munajat al-Mazooma. Hela duaan är i poetisk formad:

For You is all praise, O Possessor of Bounty, Glory and Eminence,

Glory be to You – You grant to whosoever You will, and withhold

O Allah! My Creator, my Fortress, and my Refuge!

To You I resort, in hardship and in ease, for relief

O Allah! Even if my mistakes have become grave and numerous

Then Your Forgiveness is far greater (than those sins), and limitless

O Allah! if I had given my soul all that it desired,

Then there I would be, lost in the land of regret!

O Allah! You see my position, my poverty and my destitution,

And You hear my softly whispered supplication,

O Allah! So sever not my hopes nor distract my heart (from You),

For I pine for the bounties of Your Generosity

O Allah! If You thwart me or chase me away,

Then who can I hope from, and who can I make intercede for me?

O Allah! Keep me from Your punishment, indeed I am

Captive, abased, fearful, and subservient to You.

O Allah! Let knowledge of the (ultimate) proofs accompany me

When my grave becomes my abode and home

O Allah! Even if You punish me for a thousand years,

My hopes in You will nonetheless never be severed

O Allah! Let me savour Your forgiveness on the day

When neither progeny nor wealth will be of any avail

O Allah! If you do not forgive any but the doers of good,

Then who is there for the disobedient, who indulge in their desires?

O Allah! If you do not watch out for me, I will be lost!

But since You do watch over me, I am never lost.

O Allah! Even though I have been negligent in pursuing goodness,

I am now tracing and following the path to forgiveness.

O Allah! I may have sinned in ignorance, but I have also always

Hoped (for Your Grace), until others wondered if I ever worried (about rejection)

O Allah! My sins have become mountains or even higher,

But Your capacity for pardon is far greater and loftier

O Allah! Remembrance of your might alleviates my sorrow

While remembrance of my mistakes makes my eyes shed tears

O Allah! Reduce my lapses and efface my sins

For (here) I am confessing, fearful and beseeching.

O Allah! Grant me peace from You, and tranquility

For I knock but at the gates of Your mercy

O Allah! If you distance me from Yourself or debase me,

Then what recourse do I have, O Lord – what would I do?

O Allah! Those drowned in (Your) love remain awake all night

Entreating (You) and supplicating, while the unmindful slumber

O Allah! Here are creatures, most of whom are asleep,

But the mindful use their nights to supplicate to You

But all of them hope for Your favours, and remain hopeful

Of Your infinite Mercy, and of a Heaven eternal

O Allah! My hopes have allowed me to desire amnesty,

While the ugliness of my sins has held me back

O Allah! So if You forgive me, Your pardon will save me,

Else I will be destroyed by my devastating misdeeds

O Allah! For the sake of the Hashimite Muhammad,

And the sacredness of the purified (ones) who humble themselves before You

O Allah! For the sake of Mustafa and his cousin,

And the sanctity of the virtuous (ones) who truly submit to You

O Allah! Resurrect me as a follower of the religion of Ahmad,

And as a repentant, devout, obedient, and humble (servant) to You

And do not deny me, O my Allah, O my Master,

His noble intercession, for he is the (perfect) mediator,

And bless him whenever a monotheist calls upon You,

And whenever the righteous bow at Your door, beseeching You.

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